Online  Counselling

What Is Online Counselling?

Online Counselling is a term used to describe the delivery of counselling sessions via telephone or video.

Online counselling is where a client and therapist work together through the medium of online communication instead of face to face.

It differs from traditional counselling in that the therapist and client are never in the same room during their work together.

It is similar to face to face sessions because:

  • It takes place in pre-booked hourly sessions.
  • It is bound by the same standards of confidentiality and ethical framework as face to face counselling.
  • It requires an open and honest relationship between client and therapist.
Pretty happy young woman using a laptop
Lady on her lap top doing online counselling

How To Prepare

Before each session, take some time to prepare yourself and your surroundings.

It is important that:

  • you are in a private space
  • there are no distractions
  • that you are comfortable and warm

You will need:

  • Your laptop/PC/Mobile phone
  • A good internet connection

At the time of your session:

  • Locate the link you received on your confirmation email or text
  • Or, for phone sessions, your therapist will call you directly on the number you have provided.

Making The Most Of Your Sessions

  • Do your research – find out how online therapy works and whether it will suit you
  • Expect some awkwardness at first – this is normal, both you and your therapist are getting to know each other just like meeting each other face to face.
  • Make You a priority – this is your time, make sure that you focus on yourself entirely during this time.
  • STOP – give yourself some time to process and transition after your session, even if it’s just a cup of tea!
Girl on laptop with her coffee doing onine counselling